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Jon was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die like that, trussed and bound and beheaded like a common brigand. If he must perish, let it be with a sword in his hand, fighting his father’s killers. He was no true Stark,had never been one, but he could die like one. Let them say that Eddard Stark had fathered four sons, not three.

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so has this been done yet or


I blame this.


I blame this.

Freedom is just as essential as air. And without it, there is no life. There is only darkness

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The natural order is disorder.

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I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell for this


Good Guy Sauron

I know he didn’t actually create the Palantiri



My friend wanted to record his own version of THIS.


I kill where I wish and none dare resist. I laid low the warriors of old and their like is not in the world today. Then I was but young and tender. Now I am old and strong, strong, strong, Thief in the Shadows!

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